Every Kombi Keg has a story and ‘Marmalade’
(yes, that is really her name) is no different.

Purchased in 1971 by an electrician in Launceston she was sold in 1978 to Jack and Annie, a retired couple from Lenah Valley. There were two things Jack and Annie loved more than anything; driving around in their beloved Kombi, and you guessed it, making marmalade. 


Every Friday night Jack would be Annie’s kitchen hand, preparing and passing the ingredients as Annie stood over the stove making ‘the best Marmalade jam in Tas!’ 


Each Saturday morning, they would pack the van and head to the Salamanca markets in Hobart to sell their jam out of their Kombi alongside the other stall holders selling gourmet produce, arts, crafts, and handiwork from all over Tasmania. Annie being the people person would chat and sell jam while Jack was happy being in the background making sure everything was running smoothly. 


Jack loved their weekly ritual and was eternally thankful for this season of life as it helped strengthen the love Jack and Annie had for one another. When Jack passed on Annie decided to sell their beloved Kombi and by luck or by fate, another couple has given ‘Marmalade’ a new lease on life. 


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